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Pwny Xpress is officially retired from COH PvP

Most of us are now playing WoW on Dragonblight (alliance)

PX defeats dUmb, defends #1 rank

El_AJAX, Sep 25, 08 10:48 AM.
On 9/24 PX faced off against dUmb in a battle to defend our #1 ranking.

Round 1 PX wins 9-4. Jump vs storms in Steel Canyon map

Round 2 dUmb wins 7-3 storms vs jump in Cargo ship map

Round 3 PX wins 6-3 jump vs storms in Perez map

PX ran 2 emps, 2 kins, 2 rads, and 2 blasters in all 3 rounds. 

GG's dUmb!

PX wins over Ascension

El_AJAX, Sep 25, 08 10:38 AM.
On 9/22 PX faced Ascension for the first time in an official match.

Round 1 PX wins 14-1 . jump team vs jump team

Round 2 PX wins 12-4   Jump team vs Jump team

GG's Ascension!

OS drops from the ladder, PX becomes the new #1

El_AJAX, Jul 28, 08 7:21 AM.

We hope they'll rejoin in some form or another at a latter time. We'll miss the competition and banter.

PX loses to OS in 3 rounds

El_AJAX, Jul 28, 08 7:17 AM.
On 7/23 OS won 2 out of 3 rounds to win over PX and defend their #1 ranking.

First round was in the striga map. OS wins by a score of 6-2. They used a ff/sonic to setup the 3 psi blaster spikes with forcebolt KB's. PX used conventional double sonic lineup.

Second round OS switchted to a double sonic lineup, PX stayed with double sonic lineup as well. PX wins 9-1 in Skyway map

Third round OS switched back to the bubbler lineup they used sucessfully in round one. OS wins by a score of 9-4 in Siege map.


Pwny Xpress wins double header and moves to #2

El_AJAX, Jul 16, 08 7:32 PM.
PX defeated PE in 2 rounds to move to #3.

First round was in the Graveyard map, jump vs jump, PX wins 20-0

Second round was in the Siege map, jump vs jump, PX wins 13-0

PX defeated dUmb in 2 rounds to move to #2.

First round was in the cargo ship map, jump vs storms, PX wins 9-1

Second round was in the Steel Canyon map, jump vs storms, PX wins 19-4

GG's to both PE and dUmb!
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